Kisson ki Biryani : গল্পের বিরিয়ানি

Abanindranath Tagore Gallery, ICCR, 9A, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071


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Calcutta Biryani ,a signature wholesome  dish in the city is famous for it’s perfect balance . It is sublime and delightful  with appropriate blend of all ingredients and aroma .

So , in the city of Great Biryani , Calcutta Karavan is spreading their Dastarkhwan  and  serving an evening of stories , a Heritage Baithak ”Kisson ki Biryani “with perfect amount and blend of all ingredients –dream, magic , love , laughter, passion , warmth and cultural diversity .

Let us cherish and enjoy our amazing  cultural diversity through storytelling , an age old heritage of India and the  Globe.

Contents :

Dastaan e Shahzadi – (Hidden Love and passion of a Mughal princess )

Saga , epic , ballad and history were always full of Masculine patriarchal victories . Voice of women remained unheard,their pains and sufferings remained  unnoticed . The Dastangoi will reveal some forgotten pages of history ,silent sorrows and tears of a Shahzadi . A hidden treasure of Indian History.

Dastangoi team consists of – Suparna Deb, RishitaSaha, Sutanu Sarkar , Satyapriya Ray

Dastaan e Dastarkhwan by Shahanshah Mirza

The great great grandson of Raja Wajid Ali Shah will tell stories and anecdotes on FOOD in his own   charming style.

Fragrance of History ( ইতিহাসেরমৌতাত ) from Bangla Short stories by Avra Ghosh

As all of you know  abouthigh standard and diversity of Bangla short stories , we  will present fascinating short stories full of fragrance of history .

Qisson ki Potli ( Assorted platter of stories of different aroma ) by Asif Khan Dehlvi

Everyone will be engrossed when Asif Khan Dehlvi opens his Potli of stories .His qissas will steal your heart and transport you to a different level. And that will be our sweetest part !

Language : Bangla, English, Hindi/Urdu

Background Support : Saikat Saha

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