Doodh Pither Gach


For the first time, online ticket booking in India is on for a crowd funded feature film ‘Doodh Pither Gachh’, directed by Ujjwal Basu.

The film’s 25 lakh budget was difficult to procure, so around 27000 people of Ujjwal Basu’s village, Aranghata, turned into producers and sponsored it. The hard-earned money of Aranghata villagers made it possible for the film to see the light of day.

Along with the actors from Kolkata – Beni Basu, Koushik Roy, Chhanda Chatterjee and so on, locals of Aranghata, including 40 children, also feature in the film.

Harshil Das, who acted in Kaushik Ganguly’s recent films, ‘Bijaya’, ‘Bisharjan’ and ‘Nagarkirton’ is the prime actor in ‘Doodh Pither Gachh’.

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