Gaaner Pujo

Gaaner Pujo

Past Event


INR 299

BDT 350

USD 15

CAD 20

AUD 21

EUR 13

GBP 12


Kolkata, INDIA:23rd Oct '20 at 9:00pm

Dhaka, BAN:23rd Oct '20 at 9:30pm

New York, US:23rd Oct '20 at 11:30am

London, UK:23rd Oct '20 at 4:30pm

Sydney, AUS:24th Oct '20 at 2:30am

Basic Information:

Artists: Rupankar, Sidhu, Jayati, Anindya, Jojo, Shamik Sinha, Kumar Sanjoy, Madhurima, Probeer

Trailers & Videos:

Gaaner Pujo


Durga Puja can never be without the enthusiasm of music, poetry and the spirit of performance. Even with social distancing and isolation, "Gaaner Pujo" is determined to keep everyone connected through their cultural event that will plant the smell of pujo and its emotions in our hearts.