Bondhu Rupena Sangsthita 3

Bondhu Rupena Sangsthita 3

Past Event


INR 500

BDT 580

USD 20

CAD 26

AUD 28

EUR 17

GBP 15

AED 74

SGD 27

NZD 29

MYR 82

QAR 73

SAR 76

MVR 309

MXN 402

THB 605

ARS 554

LKR 1264

NPR 800


Kolkata, INDIA:5th Dec '20 at 7:00pm till 14th Dec '20 at 11:59pm

Dhaka, BAN:5th Dec '20 at 7:30pm till 15th Dec '20 at 12:29am

New York, US:5th Dec '20 at 8:30am till 14th Dec '20 at 1:29pm

London, UK:5th Dec '20 at 1:30pm till 14th Dec '20 at 6:29pm

Sydney, AUS:6th Dec '20 at 12:30am till 15th Dec '20 at 5:29am

Basic Information:

Artists: Various Artists


About Bengal Musicians Relief Fund:

Due to the current situation of this pandemic, the world is going through severe difficulties, both economic and financial. Bengal and its Entertainment Community are also being affected by the aftermath of COVID-19 outbreak. The Music Industry is under grave danger, many of the artists have changed their profession into vendors, many of them are trying to sell their musical instruments to earn a petty sum, and a number of them also tried committing suicide. Bengal Musicians Relief Fund, want to stand by Bengal’s impoverished artists and provide them financial aid.

Bengal Musicians Relief Fund is founded by revered Singer, Actor , Music Director , National Award Winner , Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award Winner Piloo Bhattacharya along with International Painter Mr. Samir Aich , Singer Achin Mukherjee , Singer Gourab Sarkar,Music Director Rana Sarkar, Dancer Sumita Ghosh , Band Leader Mary Teetas , Stage Anchor Madhumita Basu, philanthropist Chandan Majumder , News Reporter Pradip Banerjee ,on board as trustees, for the sole purpose to support the Musicians and Singers who have been engulfed due to this pandemic.

Bengal Musicians Relief Fund looks to support 10,000 families of struggling Musicians and Artists,Technicians of Bengal who are in sheer need of it. We would also provide the artists with a sum total less than Rs. 30,000 bank balance from the funds raised.

About “ Bondhu Rupena Sangsthita “ :

“Bondhu Rupena Sangsthita “ (shilpi der pashe –shilpi ra ), a Bengal Musicians Relief Fund ’s initiative, is a Global Fundraising Bengali E -Concert which will happen on 5th December ’2020 and will be streamed exclusively on Facebook. As an extended live of “ Bondhu Rupena Sangsthita “ , post 5th December, we have curated a couple of live sessions to gather more support for our cause.“ Bondhu Rupena Sangsthita “ brings you the best of performances, exclusive interactions and more from all your favourite composers, singers and celebrities. BMRF is humbled by the generous support you have shown us through your donations. Please continue to do the same.

The show will be available for 7 days.